SSHRC Explore Grant 2024

Ethics in Branding Communications
Competencies are the foundation to a field’s ability to accomplish its goals, maintain respect and trust from various stakeholders, and a key aspect in one’s career development. Recent conversations surrounding toxicity in brand communications, posit that marketers are partially culpable for societal issues. This research project aims to define, and measure Anti-Toxic Message Competency in an effort to regain trust and create a systematic intervention.

Current Research Projects

Brand Experience
Experiences have become a key element in understanding consumer behaviour. However many consider the accepted conceptualization of brand experience to be limited, and call for a greater interdisciplinary approach to be adopted when grappling with the complexity of the concept. This research project uses insights from philosophy and psychology to contribute to not only the conceptualization but also the measurement of brand experience.

Research Skills

  • Creating structured and unstructured Big Data sets
  • Maintaining structured and unstructured Big Data sets
  • Analyzing structured and unstructured Big Data sets
  • Qualitative Research: guide development and execution of interviews, focus groups, participant observation
  • Quantitative Research: survey design and execution, scale development

Working Papers

1) Scale Development for the Experience Domain. Chevtchouk, Y., Veloutsou, C., & Paton, R. Under Review.

2) Sensations in Brand Experience. Chevtchouk, Y. Drafting.

PhD Work

Supervisors: Prof. Cleopatra Veloutsou and Prof.Robert Paton

Research Interests

  • Brand Management
  • Brand Experience
  • Ethics in Branding
  • Luxury Services
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Experience
  • Product Experience
  • Consumption Experience
  • Branding Communications